Briefly in English

Welcome to Kainuu! You may have heard the story of this ”juniper people” that inhabits the lakes, hills and forests. Kainuu, a winter wonderland, known for its battlefields of Winter War provides an ideal setting for many kinds of sports activities.

We are Kainuun Liikunta, one of the fifteen regional sports organizations in Finland. The operational area of Kainuun Liikunta extends to the eight municipalities of Kainuu Province (Hyrynsalmi, Kajaani, Kuhmo, Paltamo, Puolanka, Ristijärvi, Sotkamo, Suomussalmi). Kainuun Liikunta has around 100 member communities, 95% of which are sports clubs.

Our operational priorities

– Sport interest representation
– A sporty way of life (children, teenagers, adults, older people)
– Sport club activities and top level sport
– Sport tourism

Kainuun Liikunta promotes the sporty way of life of all people in Kainuu through development, training, influence, guidance and events. The Kainuun Liikunta staff consists of 7-8 full-time and 1-2 part-time employees.


Sporty lifestyle as a child is a basic element of health and well-being and a source of experiences that is supported by enabling sports and physical activities to be practiced at all stages of life.


Kainuun Liikunta is an active developer and partnership builder of sports and physical activity in Kainuu.

Set of values

– Companionship
– Transparency
– Activity
– Innovation

In Kainuu we are playing for example soccer for fun and for success in the swamps or in the snow. And even if there is no snow Kainuu people are skiing on skis with or without rolls all year round. Kainuu is a relatively sparsely populated area where dozens, even hundreds of kilometers can be passed without any inhabited houses. Winters are long and dark but in the summer there is relatively little snow. I can not explain Kainuu. Its magic and mysticism are to be experienced.

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